Developing Emotional Intelligence with TIP competencies and Kindergarten Cop… Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Emotional Intelligence and TIP competencies

The Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been defined by Daniel Goleman in his best seller “Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ“. Nowadays, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a well-known concept both in the everyday life and in the work environment and it has become as much important as Analytical Intelligence (IQ).

Moreover, EQ is even more important for a “finely Attuned” leader in order to develop a Social Intelligence (See Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership by D.Goleman & R.Boyatzis – Harvard Business Review) and thus improve the team effectiveness with better decisions, more creative solutions and more productivity (see Building the Emotional Intelligence of Groups by V.Urch Druskat & S.B. Wolff – Harvard Business Review). In the book mentioned above by D. Goleman, there are many useful TIPs for being aware and learn how to deal with emotions such anxiety, sadness, anger, etc.

Few weeks ago I saw two colleagues of mine that were talking and suddenly one of them started to talk louder and faster. The other colleague, who was listening, when perceived such change in the para-verbal communication he suddenly exclaimed: “Please, calm down! Calm down“. In that moment I realized how the non-verbal communication can have an impact (positive or negative) on our emotions (see also the post “A Good Picture for Acceptance: feel the divergences and think how to deal with“). Is it possible to deal positively with our emotions? The Competencies in The International Profiler (TIP), that I discovered during the MBA, might be a powerful tool  in order to learn how to be more Emotional Intelligent. How? Let’s analyze another similar case from the movie Kindergartener Cop with Arnold Schwarzenegger where some competencies of TIP such Attuned, Copying, Resilience and Reflected Awareness with a pinch of New Thinking played a key role in order to succeed with the tougher species that inhabit a typical kindergartener environment: kids! (see the TIP’s competencies here).

Emotional Intelligence case study: the “Kindergartener Cop” A. Schwarzenegger

See the clip here taken from the movie “Kindergartener Cop” with Arnold Schwarzenegger (3 minutes), before reading the analysis.

So, what happened to our Kindergartener Cop Arnold Schwarzenegger? Let’s start from what our hero pronounced before realizing what’s going on in the class: “Don’t worry! Everything is under control!“.

  • Symptom 1:  once our Kindergartener Hero realized that in the class everything was not exactly under control because there were kids that were shouting, screaming, touching and destroying everything he started to show some signs of impatient. Such a shock and stressful situation made him shout in anger:  “Shuuut Uuuup!“. Diagnosis 1: definitely a low Copying for Schwarzenegger since he was not able to handle the stress.
  • Symptom 2: after the explosion of Schwarzenegger only silence. Then a kid started to cry, and when a kid starts to cry it’s only a question of few seconds: a valley of tears will come soon! That is because the little members of the specie that inhabit the kindergartener are well-known to be extremely Attuned each other. That’s what our Kindergartener Cop realized immediately: what a big mistake! . Diagnosis 2: Reflected Awareness skill improved since he discovered how kids are Attuned.
  • Symptom 3: despite the situation was getting worse and worse, Schwarzenegger didn’t give up! He went out, another scream just to prove his low Copying again, and bring from his car a sweet fur to the class in order to establish a good mood. Brilliant idea, It worked! Since the kids are Attuned each other, once it has been brought few of them toward a positive behave and mood, then he will get them all! He failed well because he learnt from what happened before.  Diagnosis 3: definitely a high Resilience that helped the Kindergartener Cop Schwarzenegger to find out his brilliant idea by leveraging with his New Thinking and Reflected Awareness skills.

Conclusion: what to learn from Schwarzenegger’s case?

Probably nothing new to learn in this case for parents and teachers that have to deal with children and kids everyday. However, being aware about such skills might be useful in order to copy in many stressful situations and thus become more Emotional Intelligent by leveraging with our strengths and weaknesses. Despite Kindergartener Cop Arnold Schwarzenegger was not able to deal with stress (low Copying) he relied on his Resilience, New Thinking and Reflected Awareness  in order  to find out another solution that has captured the attention and the curiosity of all the kids in the class.

Feelink – Feel & Think approach for doing life!

photo credit: Bindaas Madhavi via photopin cc

photo credit: Bindaas Madhavi via photopin cc

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