The Gift and the artists of leadership at MIB


Within the course in leadership development at MIB School of Management, to each classmate has been asked to provide a gift to all the class. I think that is a great idea since behind any gift there is (or there’s supposed to be) a simple principle…

You get what you give”, as the band called New Radicals sang in the 90s.

Since the last gift, a Karaoke party, has just been delivered, in this post I’d like to share all my  feelings and learning opportunities from each gift as an individual as well as fro the all group: the MBA23 class.

Have a nice reading and thanks to all MBA23 class!!!


A karaoke evening party.

  • Personal Value Added: I’ve never sung before in a Karaoke and since learning how to handle amygdala in public is part of my personal development, that was a good low risk situation in which to put myself. It was for me very useful.
  • Group Value Added: despite we’ve just come back from Munich, we had fun. Music brings people together… always!

Thanks Flavio!

Trip to vineyards of Collio

  • Personal Value Added: I’ve never known the so called “acid friends” of vinegar. I enjoyed a great vinegar, wine and food from Collio, a little Tuscany here in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy).
  • Group Value Added: an opportunity to relax, enjoy beautiful landscapes and delicacies with all MBA classmates and their relatives\friends.

Thanks to Sholpan, Yevgeniy and Revaz!

MBA, a weird story

An illustrated story about our experience here at MIB

  • Personal Value Added: while reading the story I was happy and yes… I was a little bit moved. The gift make me aware that sometimes stop for a while what you are doing\thinking and looking back to see your\our “story” helps you to made the next step: today we are the result of what we’ve lived, tomorrow we will be what we are going to live!
  • Group Value Added: it’s something that remains. The MBA23 class will be over soon, but its story is forever.

Thanks Giovanna!

MBA 23 Talent Book

A book that summarized the skills of the MBA23 class.

  • Personal Value Added: remember “There is no secret ingredient, it’s just you!”.
  • Group Value Added: another thing that will remain as a sign of our class!

Thanks Katlego!

Voluntary Blood Donation

A voluntary blood donation organized at MIB.

  • Personal Value Added: I had been postponing a blood donation for months, and the initiative of Vedran forced me to do it. Great!
  • Group Value Added: It was a good initiative for all the MBAs, but also for the whole school and, especially, for all the lives that will benefit of our source of life.

Thanks Vedran!

A movie about challenges

The movie “Peaceful Warrior”.

  • Personal Value Added: I liked the story and the moral behind: love what you do and do what you love, that’s what I learn.
  • Group Value Added: it was one hour and half of relax for all the class that was so stressed after thousands and thousands of assignments. Good!

Thanks Giorgio!

Cup TAGs

A cup of tea with a TAG Cloud that summarized in words all the feelings of class MBA23.

  • Personal Value Added: as a coffee lover and tea addicted I like it! Moreover, each time I drink coffee I will enjoy not only the taste, but also I will remember the MIB experience.
  • Group Value Added: the cup it’s a synthesis of feelings for MBA23 class…what about a welcoming coffee or a cup of tea together?

Thanks Ivan (…yes, there are two of them to stand!)

A “travel” for a while to Jordan and Croatia

Food, drinks and music from Croatia and Jordan.

  • Personal Value Added: I like the experience because it was a great example of how simple things might be so powerful. Some wine, some food, some music and a good company. Great MBA pick experience!
  • Group Value Added: I saw almost everybody so relaxed despite it was a tough week and in particular, after many negotiations role plays. Everybody was enjoying the food, the wine and the music… signs of social intelligence.

Thanks to Ana, Mays and Ante!

Yoga Experience

An introduction to yoga.

  • Personal Value Added: I’ve discovered a new way for dealing with stress and how to discover self-awareness through the “connection with the universe” of yoga.
  • Group Value Added: someone was embraced, someone was losing balance and control, someone was sleeping or even laughing. In any case, at the end of the experience the whole group was relaxed: a great example of synergy among different people and behaviours. Moral: one shared goal, many different paths to reach it.

Thanks Giulia!

Extra lessons on Accounting and Managerial Accounting

Two additional lectures of Accounting and Managerial Accounting by official CA(SA) of MBA23 class.

  • Personal Value Added: I would never passed the exam of Accounting without the lecture provided by Adrian. He gave me at least a structured procedures to follow in order to read the balance sheets without getting lost in numbers and figures in a time-stressful situation. An example of uncertainty avoidance through procedures: It works! So,  Am I German?…moral: I should check deeper the origin of my family name!
  • Group Value Added: at the end of the lectures, all the class gave to Adrian a spontaneous applause. A sign of a good mood among classmates.

Thanks Adrian!

MBA23 Hi5: an interpretation of synergy

That’s my gift: a T-shirt with all the handprints of the class that create a bigger hand. Which are the desired individual and group values added that I had in my mind? Of course there are, but that’s not what really matter. Why? Because since we have different culture of origin, different experiences and different mindsets how should be possible to have feelings and reactions that are consistent with a desired purpose and inspiration?…no way, each one will have his own experience.

It’s like for art. Thinking that a painter must impose his own idea and inspiration to the observer as the only one possible it will be pointless as well as arrogant.

Harvey S. Firestone defines leadership as:

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.”

Acknowledged the key role of development, how is possible to answer to the “call” of leadership?

Well, there is another definition of Leadership by Lance Secretan:

“Leadership is not so much about technique and methods as it is about opening the heart. Leadership is about inspiration of oneself and of others. Great leadership is about human experiences, not processes. Leadership is not a formula or a program, it is a human activity that comes from the heart and considers the hearts of others. It is an attitude, not a routine.”

So, leadership is for L. Secretan a question of inspiring people and arts are fed by inspiration as well… thus is leadership a kind of art? According a quote from Max De Pree, yes, it is:

“Leadership is much more an art, a belief, a condition of the heart, than a set of things to do.”

Anyhow, as a moral for this story, since I was surprisingly inspired by all the gifts I would like to say thanks to all the artists of leadership of class MBA23!

P.S.: A special thanks also to the lecturers Tim and Valeria who promoted the idea of The Gift because, as mentioned at the beginning, “You only get what you give!”.

Feelink – Feel & Think approach for doing life!

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