InsurTech book 2017: Vote & Share

Following the exponential growth of insurance startups (Insurtech) throughout last years, in this second edition of FinTech book a dedicated book focusing on Insurtech is planned in 2017 with the same formula of crowdsourcing.

Since the level of maturity reached by the Insurtech ecosystem, it’s time to consolidate all the ideas coming from startups in order to establish sustainable businesses out of them with a straightforward approach.

With the aim to give at the same time a big picture of Insurtech nowadays, here two abstracts that I would like to share:

  • How to build Insurtech Value Chains’ Ecosystems: “Corporates have now wholesale outsourced R&D to the startup and venture community” (Dave McClure, founder of 500 StartUps). In his Insurtech Manifesto Matteo Carbone, one of the top Insurtech influencers, have already done a great job by classifying such a wide universe of Insurtechs. Many other insurance experts developed different maps as Carbone did, but how to really set up new business and insurance value chains that are sustainable for millennials and digital natives? In this article, a structured R&D methodology to generate new business models by leveraging the startups community is described.
  • Strategic Positions towards Disruptive Startups: In 2015 and 2016 the number of deals in Insurtech startups have been 295, accounting for 4.38 $B of investments. Respectively, 56% of deals and 73% of investments if considering the whole period between 2011 and 2017 (see CB Insights). In such a context, do big insurance players consider Startups as a threat or as an opportunity to embrace disruptions? By rating insurers as well as brokers upon two criteria, theirs Market Leadership and Disruptive Attitude, the result is a magic quadrant where four strategic possible positions towards startups are represented: Disruptive Leadership, Conservative Leadership, Disruption Hunter and Conservative Niche. Who will be the Disruptive Leader in 2017?

For the full Abstracts just click on the links of the bullet points above and if you’d love to see the full articles published, just leave a vote by 28th Feb 2017.

Thanks in advance for your support


Ivan Gruer | @ivangruer

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