Annual report 2014

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Annual report 2013: so far… so what?

The year 2013 is due to say its welcome to a New Year.

Traditionally, the and of a year is an opportunity to stop for a while and think what has been done, what went right and what went wrong.

Here below, all the posts of this last year, that is also the first year, divided by three main categories: Business World, Coaching & Training and Leisure, Funny Stories & Miscellaneous.

Accordingly to the mission statement, there is no an unique logic among the topics and a specific direction in order to let inspiration and curiosity free from any kind of “mindset” chain.

The purpose is focusing on relations among topics rather than topics itself…

…so what?…

…”You can connect the dots only by looking backwards and not by looking forward”.

All the best for a great “dots connection” in the year 2014 to all the readers.

Feelink – Feel & Think approach for doing life!