Barriers to change… Should I stay or should I go? A ripped up speech

Ferdinandeo (Triest), Saturday 21st September 2013 around 12:00 a.m.: what to say as a final speech after attending an MBA program in behalf of all the class?

Here below an idea, a story about barriers to change… delivered here, in a comfortable “context”, with 10 day of delay: should I stay or should I go?

Should I stay or should I go? A story about barriers to change

Should I stay or Should I go? That was the question that each MBA participant has faced when applying for the master program in business administration here at MIB School of Management.

Should I get an MBA in my country or abroad?

The MBA class of the 23rd edition was almost equally distributed: 60% foreigners and 40% Italians. Who made the right decision?

Nobody knows… now!

Anyhow, what all the participants of the 23rd edition have in common, both foreigners and Italians, is that they have started a changing process in a way:

someone changed country, some other quit a job and somebody did both.

Was that easy? Of course it was not!

Why? Because each change requires a transformation process, and each transformation process requires resources:

physically, mentally and emotionally.

So… which are the barriers to change? I would say mainly three:

unawareness, laziness and conservation of the status quo.

The first one, unawareness, means that since I don’t know there is a problem, why to invest resources for a change? How to start a changing process in such a situation? Simply by creating awareness: “Houston, we have a problem!”

The second one, laziness, I know there is a problem but it requires too much resources: physically, mentally and emotionally. In this case the therapy is defining an objective that is attractive enough in order to justify the effort.

The third one, conservation of the status quo, is the toughest: I do know there is a problem and I do not want to change since I feel myself comfortable in the current situation. I am not sure… in this case uncertainties about the current situation and status quo will establish a changing process.

Why uncertainties? According to a passage taken from a speech held here in this hall few months ago: “Since the economy is not growing in Europe and in the Western counties, the only alternative for getting good jobs is to go abroad where the economy is booming”

So… should I stay or should I go? According to this story, I would say: it depends!

It depends on how much uncertain and uncomfortable you are with your current situation and status quo… unless new innovative opportunities and unconventional alternatives will be created from scratch.

All the best for the MBA23 and MBA24 classes!

Thank you!

The story was slightly different and this speech has not been delivered because the “context”, the final ceremony for the MBA23 class, was not comfortable for the speaker.

How to break such a uncomfortable situation? …well, you already know the moral of the story: by creating uncertainties through innovative and unconventional alternatives!

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Changing clothes: an incipit for a new novel

How define the end of a project both in life and in the work place? Is the end simply set by the achievement of an objective or by the beginning of a new story?

I’ve still some doubt about it. Anyhow, whenever an end is defined, it implies a transition and wherever there is a transition there is a change. As an example, think about a glass of liquid water left outside in the balcony. If the morning after there is ice this means that the water doesn’t exists anymore as a liquid (end of a state) because of a change in the weather condition (temperature and pressure).

Changes happen during also our lives. An example? I will tell you one of mine in which I’ve changed some clothes in my closet when I decided to attend the MBA.

Here below there is the incipit of this new novel that is still in progress. It was my first day of lectures and…

The sun has had revealed its face only a few times during that September. It was a typical day for the end of the summer, so nicely warm and illuminated by a bright sunshine that doesn’t blind.

That morning, from the bus number 25, the weaves of the landscape interfered with that light creating flashes, one after another. “These flashes make me blind”, I thought.

Each glare lighted up a past life’s memory that, before the trip, it had been taken and folded in the luggage that I brought with me. I saw myself dressed with clothes like webservices, antenna theory, data base modeling, electromagnetic field propagation, gradient, rotor e divergence. Concepts that I had learnt before deciding to leave for that new trip.

A man in the bus rang for his stop. It was also my stop and the flashes in my mind suddenly disappeared. I got out and a blast of wind picked up in the air a leaf that had just fallen. My eyes followed the leaf that was carried by the wind when a Mystical Palace captured the attention of my sight, the Ferdinandeo.

For a while, I forgot where the leaf was going as I forgot all the stuff that I was bringing in my luggage. “It is time to wear new clothes”, I thought.

photo credit: The Hamster Factor via photopin cc

photo credit: The Hamster Factor via photopin cc

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